Ally Dunn & Jason Reynolds Peru 

Over the bridge starting the Inca trail... and several days climbing
The Sacred Valley
Entering Dead Woman's Pass
Inside the fantastic Inca capital, Machu Picchu
Through desert and rain forest to the first view of Machu Picchu in sunshine
An Inca structure in the mountains along the trail
The Black Christ and a Last Supper painting, with guinea pig served on the table, inside the cathedral at Cusco
Is this altitude sickness or just a transcendental state?
With Inca stonework behind, Jason attempts to teach locals a Western dance...
Mist over a valley on waking at 5am
Rather than altitude, this possibly illustrates the effects of the local Cusquena beer
Jason Reynolds and Ally Dunn reach sunshine at the peak of Machu Picchu - and wearing Royal Marsden T shirts!
Ally on the Inca Trail, from Cuzco to 13,776 feet
Walking by the amazing valley of the Ullambamba river
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