News From The Local Police Forces 

Cannabis found - in Mulgrave Road, Sutton
A studio visit and praise for Walton youngsters in a music project
Dumped building waste blocks a Long Ditton road
Spelthorne youth officers hold School's Out Surgeries
Shetland pony sought - stolen from Summerfield Lane, Surbiton
Wandsworth's PC Bill Margetts promotes 5-lever deadlocks
Runnymede PCs Rabin Shrestha and Roger Bradley, with a disqualified driver's ex-van
Annie Edwards, with PC Steve Mould at speed traps in Sandy Lane, Cheam
Ed Davey MP is pleased to see 'Bobbies in Bikes' around Berrylands
38 years imprisonnment - a drugs press recovered in Operation Keel
The team at Cobham receive First Prize in Cobham In Bloom
1351 knives - handed in to Surrey Police during the summer 2006 amnesty
Surrey Police thank Jackie News after a teenager is found
Surrey Police's Autocrime Intelligence Unit has seen vehicle crime fall in Runnymede
Wandsworth police, youth service and victim support tackle school-age robbery
A PADs day for Shepperton residents to meet Spelthorne's force
The Focus unit at Wandsworth, after seeing spoof meter readers locked up
Bob Quick presents a Safer Parking Award to Leatherhead's Swan Centre
Tattenham Corner: enquiries continue into the murder of Sukhwinder Singh (left)
Lynne Owens - appointed Assistant Chief Constable of Surrey
PCs Jim Sheehan, Tina Sims and
Siobhan Hoyle at Wandsworth's Missing Persons Unit
The Shepperton Neighbourhood Team is strengthened, here with councillors
Surrey Police campaign against abuse with the Drugbuster bus
Constable Judy Foy, of Ottawa RCMP, visited Mount Browne HQ and Reigate with Surrey Police
Spelthorne police discover 500 cannabis plants at a house in Townsend Road, Ashford
PC Martin Savage recruits fishery bailiffs to combat poaching along the Mole Valley
Cycle For Youth - five I-Pod winners at Leatherhead Police Station
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