Get the Radio Jackie logo on your phone - suitable as a background for most new phones.

These instructions tell you how to use your phone's WAP facility to download the Radio Jackie logo from our server and then set it as your background. Once you have stored it on your phone, you can also send the logo to your friends via multimedia message.

Instructions for Nokia phones:


  1. Go into your phone's menu and scroll through until you get to the option usually called Services. Select this option, scroll down to "Go To Address".
  2. You should see a screen saying "Enter Address" and a box with 'https://' already filled in.
  3. Enter in "" after the text that is already in there. The whole box should now read "".
    If you need to get the / symbol, you can press the star button at the bottom left and get a list of symbols to pick from.
  4. Press the OK button. Your phone should connect to gprs or dialup and fetch the logo.
  5. The next message you see should be "Image Received" and an option to "View, Save or Exit".
  6. Select Save, it will ask you the filename... press OK.
  7. The next screen will be asking where you would like to store it. There should be a folder shown called "Images". Select this.
  8. You should see the message "Image Saved". You have now stored the Radio Jackie logo on your phone and are ready to set it as your background. To make sure that you do not continue to stay connected to WAP, press the Hang Up button two times. Your phone should return to normal.

Setting as wallpaper

  1. Press the Menu button, scroll through to the option that is called "Gallery" and select it.
  2. Once in Gallery, select the menu item "View Folders" and then select "Images" (unless you saved the logo to another folder).
  3. Scroll through your list of pictures until you see the Radio Jackie logo and then press "Options".
  4. Scroll down the list of options to "Set As Wallpaper" and select it.
  5. If you already have a background you will see a message saying "Replace Current Wallpaper". Click OK.
  6. Press the Hang Up or Clear button to return to the front screen. You should now see the Radio Jackie logo as your background!

Instructions for Sony Ericsson (thanks to Dan Davies, Southborough School):


  1. Using the scrolling tool, pull up the phone's main menu.
  2. Choose WAP Services, which should be the first icon on the menu.
  3. Connect to the WAP service. Wait for the page to load and then press the "More" key and select "Enter Address".
  4. Insert "" and press "Go".
  5. When the phone has finished loading the page, it will ask you what want you want to do with the Image, choose "Save Image".
  6. Disconnect from the WAP Server until you return to the main menu.
  7. From the Main Menu, choose "Pictures and Sounds" then select "My Pictures".
  8. The first image in the gallery should be the Radio Jackie Logo.

Setting as Wallpaper

  1. Navigate to the Main Menu.
  2. From here choose "Pictures and Sounds" then select "My Pictures".
  3. The first image in the gallery should be the Radio Jackie Logo. If it is not, find it and then press "View".
  4. Press the "More" key and choose "Set as wallpaper".

We hope these instructions are as precise as possible. If you find your phone does something other than in the instructions please let us know at
When you contact us please make sure that you include the model of your phone and the problem [including any messages you see] in as much detail as possible.

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