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In the news, we'll have details of an overhaul of the test and trace system, and find out what a group of researchers at the Royal Holloway in Egham have found about the human brain

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12-year-old filmmaker, Evelyn from Richmond, has been named runner-up in the recent Nature in Your Neighbourhood filmmaking competition for five to 19 year olds. Into Film launched the filmmaking competition at the beginning of May as a response to the Covid-19 school closures and as part of an extensive, home-learning campaign supporting young people, educators, parents and carers teaching from home. Hundreds of short films from children as young as seven - made on their smart phones, tablets and cameras - were sent in forming a true ‘time capsule’ of young people’s experience. Evelyn’s film, New Neighbours is about all the friends she discovered and met during lockdown, from creatures in her neighbourhood to the people in her street. She first came up with a storyboard and shot list using the filmmaking skills she had learnt at school then went around her neighbourhood early in the morning every day, shooting everything from the sunset to local animals, all on her iPhone.

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